VeloRevolution Bibshorts with FEMALE Chamois

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- Each style comes with our FEMALE VEULTA PINK La Fonte Chamois which we recommend to all riders from Beginner to Advanced.
- These are our Anatomical Unisex Style bibshorts but with female chamois inserted.
- Premium Lycra, compression based.

- The 3 Options we have display different text on the side/bum panel areas of the bibshorts. The options are as follows,

  1. Jet Black Sides Bibshorts come with all black sides and rear bum panel with custom brand text only on the band endings at end of leg. These are in limited qty.
  2. SS Bibshorts come with our brand text down the sides and rear bum panel. There is more black color on the inside of leg with this option.
  3. HC Bibshorts come with only with our VR letters brand text down the side and again on rear bum panel. These use a higher compression lycra when compared to the other 2 options above which result in a tighter fit.
  4. - All styles are Compression based, Breathable, premium lycra from Lycrasport in Italy.
    - La Fonte Veulta Chamois. Top quality, comfortable and provides great airflow. We recommend this from beginner to advanced.
    - This item is a super quality item and provides excellent muscle support.
    - 3 Options Available as per images.
    - UPF 50+.
    - Made with Pride in Italy.