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Speedsuit ROAD Pure Speed Aero Chrono Ultimate BLACK & CHEQUER

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  • €175.00 EUR
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- If you want to go fast then this suit is fit for purpose.
- Save 29 secs over 40km, 3.2% of total energy.
- Speedsuit specific for Crits, Road Races, Time Trials and Velodrome with Speed Lycra polyester.

- All black with Chequer effect on front and rear.
- Aerodynamically designer garment.
- Technical Lycra fabric developed for air friction reduction in order to obtain better aerodynamics. No pockets. Long Sleeve. If you want to go faster in a time trial get a good suit. 90% of non-resistance is you, your body, not your bike. Even small flaps can have big drag.

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- It is estimated a close fitting Speedsuit can save 3.2% of your total energy which equates to 29 seconds in a 40 km Time Trial. Therefore a close fitting Speedsuit represents a cost effective way to improve aerodynamics and save valuable seconds (cheaper than updating your TT bike). A good Time Trial suit will be uncomfortable when you’re standing up as it should feel like your shoulders are being pulled down. A Time Trial suit only works when in the time trial position.

- 6ft 2"(185cm), 85kg, 40" chest(100cm), 34" waist. Wears Size Large.

- 246 grams, High Speed Lycra. (size large)
- Invisible Zip, Raw Cut anatomical sleeve.
- Compression Lycra.
- Leg Hem raw cut with gripper.
- With AIR pad from La Fonte, one of Italy's best known chamois pad producers.
- Made in Italy with pride 100%.