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Speciality Coffee - SPRINTER

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Available as GROUND or WHOLE BEAN , please select your option.

This is our Coffee and we love it......100% COLOMBIAN Bean/Ground !!

The Coffee's Story:
When you need that explosive burst, we introduce SPRINTER, our own blend.

We are inspired by the art of sprinting and we just love watching those riders at the end of their races do their thing weaving in and out and then powering/sprinting to that finish line.

This coffee is again perfect for producing Espressos and Flat Whites.

- Coffee Source: 100% Single Origin from Colombia
- Lightly Roasted.
- Tasting Medium Body, Orange Acidity with a sweet milk Chocolate Finish.
- Whole Beans or Ground for Filter.
- Roasted: Meath, Ireland.

- Weight: 250g.