Overshoes - Winter Warm VELO BLACK

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  • €50.00 EUR
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- Easy to put on, easy to take off. Zip with Auto-Lock.
- Reflective Trim on the rear heel, along the zip on both sides and also along the front of the overshoe.
- These Overshoes are for the cold winter days and pair well with our new and latest Winter Warm Socks.
- Fleece lining allows for thermal protection in low temperatures.
- BLACK in color with our VELO MOTIF.
- If you are seeking a Waterproof overshoe then please review our 'Rain Proof plastic' or our 'H20 EcoSkin' products which are much better for the rain.
- Made in Italy 100% with pride.

- 4-Way Stretch: these overshoes benefit form a 4-way stretch to make it easy for you to fit over your cycling shoes.

For Sizing: This material for a better snug fit as all cycling shoes differ in size/widths, is better if you order 1 size below your current shoe size. So if you are size 43 for example, order the 41/42 Size Range. If you are size 46, then that's okay as the 45/46 range will have you covered.