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Pro Team Cycling Water Bottles - CLEAR VELO 600ml

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TRANSPARENT, see-through BIDON with BLACK Top.

Volume: 600ml.
Our latest and newest Branding.

- The soft rubber push/pull valve is gentle on the mouth and teeth and opens with just a soft tug.
- Constructed from grippy, non-slip surface material.
- Sized to fit easily and snugly into a standard bike water bottle cage or running water bottle holder.

- 62 mm wide Max cap including a double spout. Black Top.
- Width: 74mm, Height: 198mm, Weight 70 gr.
- Extremely pliable body and robust neck, this will definitely enhance the drinking experience.
- Virtually indestructible cap! Drop this bottle and no need to worry about cracking or leaking.
- Massive Max “super flow” spout with its double opening.
- BPA Free, which is important as it hasn't been produced with the bad industrial chemicals which reports say could be bad for our health.
- Made in Hungary.