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Speciality Coffee - LEAD OUT MAN

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Available as GROUND or WHOLE BEAN , please select your option.

This is our Coffee and we love it...... 100% Ethiopia Bean/Ground !!

The Coffee's Story:
Setting you up for the win, we introduce LEAD OUT MAN, our own blend.

The purpose of a lead out man is for the sprinter to achieve high speed at the sprint approach using as little of their own energy as possible, so they have as much energy as possible for that final sprint. Every great sprinter who drafts behind others to reduce their effort has that great LEAD OUT MAN.

This coffee is again perfect for producing Espressos and Flat Whites.

- Coffee Source: 100% Single Origin from Ethiopia
- Lightly Roasted.
- Tasting Earl Grey, Floral and Lemon. Light Acidity and Medium Body.
- Whole Beans or Ground for Filter.
- Roasted: Meath, Ireland.

- Weight: 250g.