AssSaver Extended Style VELO

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- The Ass Saver was designed to solve one of cycling’s seasonal issues, the wet ass. A dry ass and back will help to keep you warm and comfortable when the weather turns, which is the reason that many pro cycling teams use these when the snow and rain rolls in during early season races. Designed in Sweden, where they’re no strangers to rain, the Ass Saver is easy to transfer between bikes and small and light enough to throw in your bag if you’re commuting. It’ll do exactly what the name promises, all while looking good.

- ASS SAVER Type = Extended Version.
- The material used in all AssSavers products is 100% PP which is a non-toxic and highly recyclable polymer. However it is sensitive to UV-light and the color will fade overtime. The fold should last many thousands of folds if done correctly. The PP is also a thermoplastic and can regain its original shape if distorted by gently using a hairdryer over the damaged area.
- Made in Sweden.