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VELO Face Mask/Barrier (with 2 Filters) PINK VELO

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- All Multi-Layered masks come with 2 Washable and Reusable Filters.
- Reusable Made in Italy, VeloRevolution PINK in color FEMALE or KIDS technical Face Masks/Barriers to slow the coronavirus spread sustainably and keep medical grade supplies for those on the front line. (These are machine washable up to 40c, leave hang dry after.)

- The mask uses a new HeiQ ViroBlock treatment, its a new anti-viral and anti-bacterial treatment from a Swiss Textile Company which enhances the level of virus protection for masks x 20 times versus untreated masks. Textiles treated with HEIQ ViroBlock actively inhibit viruses and kill bacteria upon contact on the surface. HeiQ ViroBlock says this antimicrobial efficacy lasts 30x washes at 40c. ( ). We have this on all our masks.

Sizes: Large (typically most Males, some Females), Medium (typically most Females some males and Teenagers) , Small (Kids to 8yrs). In Stock Now.

Using our experience from high performance technical apparel, the mask is designed to sit comfortably over the face with a large coverage area to provide an effective barrier and we will produce for Male, for Female and for Kids Sizings. The super-soft fabric is breathable, machine washable and constructed in 5 layers so it allows a filter to be added internally at the front for added protection placed within a pocket which allows insertion/removal as needed .

Of course, you can also wear these on the bike when you go easy.

This fabric has not been tested to medical grade PPE standards and does not make you immune to COVID-19 but what it will provide is an additional barrier when you are outside in the public, it will limit the opportunity of transmission to others and it will remind you not to touch your own face. Wearing a mask/barrier obviously does not exclude you from existing public health guidelines.

- These masks/barriers are non-returnable and non-refundable.

- Super soft and breathable fabric (80% Lycra/20% Elastan. The Internal Filter x 1 is 100% External Polyester and 100% Internal Polypropylene with a Filtration Value Type of 98%). On this filter, there are 2 sides, the rough side when you feel it with the squares is internal facing and the side with the lines which has a soft feeling is external facing.
- Slot for Replaceable Filters is internal and the filter fits within a pocket to allow for removal/insertion, you should not need to replace it unless it is damaged but we will have filters. (we recommend changing filter after 40 washes).
- Comfortable Elastic Ear Loops that don't pull.
- Sizing: MALE | FEMALE | KIDS (up to 8yrs old).
- 5 Layers.

Method of Disinfection for Re-Use:
- Machine Wash at Max 40c, you can wash many times. Use non-bio and do not use tumble dryer. (we recommend putting inside a net wash bag, replace filter after 40 washes).
- Steam carefully on both sides with a steam iron for a few minutes. Do not touch the mask/barrier directly when doing this. The High temperature of steam is very effective.
- Hand Washable with hot water up to 60/70c. (please be careful)
- Microwave in a closed container in temps around 90c.
- Spray with Water and Denaturated Alcohol 90 or ethyl solution.
- After last use, please put in bag, seal and place in non-recyclable rubbish.

Source: Handmade and Tested in Italy 100%.