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VELO Face Mask/Barrier FILTER PACK

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  • €7.50 EUR
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- 1 Combination Pack contains 5 Filters for 7.50 euro.

- Please select your size combo which we have set up from our list of options available. (if you require a different combination, order 1 and afterwards just reply to your order confirmation email and inform us of your combo.)

- We recommend changing your filter after 40 washes.
- On our filters you have a soft side (which you can see squares on this side) and a rough side (which you will see lines on this side) when you touch the filter, please face the soft side outwards and the rough side inwards when inserting. This is the filters position within the mask. See image in gallery.

Source: Made in Italy.
- 100% POLYPROPYLENE Filter (External: 100% Polyester)
- Filtration Type Value: 98%.

Method of Disinfection for Re-Use:
- Machine Wash at Max 40c, you can wash many times. Use non-bio and do not use tumble dryer. (we recommend putting inside a net wash bag, replace filter after 40 washes)
- Steam carefully on both sides with a steam Iron. Do not touch the mask/barrier directly when doing this. The High temperature of steam is very effective.
- Hand Washable with hot water up to 60/70c. (please be careful)
- Microwave in a closed container in temps around 90c.
- Spray with Water and Denaturated Alcohol 90 or ethyl solution.
- After last use, please put in bag, seal and place in non-recyclable rubbish.